Aquatic processing sewage treatment equipment

Sources of aquatic processing wastewater

Production process: raw material thawing → sliced fish → cleaning → plate loading → quick freezing  Raw material frozen fish thawing, water washing, water control, disinfection, cleaning and other processes generate production wastewater, The main pollutants discharged from the washing water of production equipment and workshop floor are CODcr, BOD5, SS, ammonia nitrogen, etc.

Pretreatment process technology

Due to the uneven discharge of aquatic processing wastewater and significant fluctuations in water quality, it is necessary to strengthen pre-treatment measures in order to achieve stable treatment results. The wastewater is intercepted by a grid to remove particulate matter from the water, and solid suspended solids such as fish skin, meat shavings, and fish bones are separated before entering the regulating tank. An aeration device is installed in the tank, which has functions such as deodorization and accelerating the separation of oil in the wastewater, improving the biodegradability of the wastewater and ensuring the effectiveness of subsequent biological treatment. Due to the large amount of grease in wastewater, oil removal equipment should be installed. So the pre-treatment process includes: grating and lifting pump room, air flotation tank, hydrolysis acidification tank.

Processing demand     

1. The effluent quality of the sewage discharge standard meets the first level standard specified in the “Comprehensive Wastewater Discharge Standard” (GB8978-1996).

2. Technical requirements:

① A process * *, technically reliable, and economically optimized solution is required. Reasonable layout and small footprint are required.

② The main facilities of the sewage station adopt a semi aboveground steel concrete structure.

③ The inlet water is connected through a concrete pipe, with a bottom elevation of -2.0m. After passing through the metering well, the water is piped into the municipal pipe outside the factory area.

The first level standard specified in the “Comprehensive Wastewater Discharge Standard” (GB8978-1996): unit: mg/L suspended solids SS < 70; BOD < 20; COD<100; Ammonia nitrogen<15.

Aquatic processing sewage treatment equipment

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