Tissue paper making machine

  • Toilet paper making machinery

    Toilet paper making machinery

    Paper machine is a collective term for a complete set of equipment that forms a paper web for pulp, including a main unit such as a pulp box, a mesh unit, a pressing unit, a drying unit, a calendering machine, a paper rolling machine, and a transmission unit, as well as auxiliary systems such as steam, water, vacuum, lubrication, and heat recovery.

    Our company can provide customers with a complete set of paper production lines, including pulp systems, toilet paper machines, and sewage treatment equipment.

    its main characteristics are low sizing consistency ,large pressure ,eveccess,quick moulding and good evenness,wide quantitation scope (13g~38g/㎡),high vehicle speed (150~200m/min),large output ,low energy consumption,main        models:1092,1575,1760,1880,2362,2800,3600mm.