Belt filter press for sand washing wastewater


Special mud dewatering belt filter press for sand washing sewage treatment equipment, capable of handling a large amount of sand washing sludge!

ZYL type belt filter press is a water treatment equipment that has been successfully developed by introducing advanced technology from the United States, digesting and absorbing it. It can continuously filter a large amount of sludge. The product is made of high-strength materials and has significant characteristics such as high treatment capacity, high dehydration efficiency, and long service life. It is widely used in environmental governance in various industries. The bearings equipped with it have a long service life, and high-quality filter belts from around the world are also used, Fully ensure the performance and quality of the filter press. At present, this product has been sold worldwide.

2、 Working principle

The ZYL belt filter press is divided into three steps for filtration and dehydration functions:

1. Gravity dehydration area

The sludge from the wastewater treatment plant is pumped into the sludge mixing tank and mixed with polymer, causing small suspended particles in the sludge to form larger particles in the form of flocs through the bridging effect of polymer coagulants. Then, it overflows into the automatic discharge device of the dewatering machine through the upper end of the mixing tank in a gravity flow manner, making the floc sludge evenly distributed on the filter cloth in the gravity dewatering zone.

The function of the gravity concentration and dehydration zone is to allow most of the free water outside the gel feather sludge to be discharged by gravity through the mesh of the filter cloth, in order to increase the sludge concentration and stabilize the characteristics of the gel feather sludge, and to utilize subsequent pressing and dehydration operations.

2. Pressure dewatering area

After the sludge enters the pressure dehydration zone from the gravity dehydration zone, the upper and lower filter cloth gradually presses and compresses the sludge for dehydration.

3. Pressurized dehydration area

The sludge moves with the filter cloth and enters the pressurized dewatering zone. Between six vertical rollers, the diameter of the rollers decreases gradually, and the pressure increases gradually. With the shear force generated by the upper and lower filter cloth changing the position of the filter cloth between different rollers, the capillary tubes in the adhesive sludge are combined with water to press out to produce a dry sludge cake.

3、 Applicable scope

Belt filter presses are widely used in environmental protection industries such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, standard parts, pharmaceuticals, metallurgy, non-standard screws, dyes, food, brewing, ceramics, oil refining, sewage treatment, etc

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Post time: May-25-2023