Cylinder press、Spiral pulp drainer、Screw Press

Screw press is a type of equipment that uses physical extrusion for dehydration. The equipment is composed of a drive system, a feed box, a spiral auger, a screen, a pneumatic blocking device, a water collection tank, a frame, and other parts. Materials enter the equipment from the feed box and are subjected to pressure compression step by step under the transportation of the spiral auger. Excess water is discharged through the screen through the outlet, and the material that has been removed from the water is continued to be transported by the spiral auger, The top opening material blocking device discharges the equipment from the discharge port. The screw press produced by our company has undergone repeated and precise theoretical derivation, calculation, and experimental verification, combined with the real feedback of many users over the years of use, and has been comprehensively upgraded to a series of mature equipment. It accurately analyzes different dehydration materials prepared by customers, adopts different technical parameters, and truly achieves low energy consumption, high yield, and low moisture, allowing the materials to undergo secondary circulation, thereby saving a lot of processing costs.

Equipment characteristics


1. Low operating costs
The screw press adopts the principle of physical extrusion dehydration, which eliminates the need for additional heat sources during the dehydration process, and has extremely low energy consumption compared to similar drying equipment.

2. Continuous operation and high processing capacity
The parameters of the spiral auger are calculated and analyzed through mechanics, and special processes are used to increase the axial thrust of the bearing, completely solving the problem of non continuous operation caused by slipping, bridging, material return, shaft reporting, and other reasons. The processing capacity per unit time is greatly increased.

3. Low moisture content in slag discharge
Due to the wide variety of materials waiting for dehydration, different materials have different data such as moisture content, molecular water ratio, viscosity, fiber content, water absorption, toughness, organic or inorganic matter, etc. Our company's engineers will analyze the materials provided by each customer to calculate the parameters applicable to the materials and make suitable equipment.

Scope of application

The Screw press is suitable for various materials such as pulp, bagasse, medical residue, straw pulp, wood pulp, straw, cotton pulp, bamboo pulp, plant roots, corn residue, and apple residue, xylitol, lees residue, food waste, fruit residue, tea residue, garbage, paper mill residue, bean residue, household garbage, Used coffee grounds, potato residue, It can also be used for the concentration and dehydration of bleached pulp, the squeezing and concentration dehydration of waste paper pulp, the concentration and dehydration of hydraulic pulp and deinked pulp, and the squeezing and drying of washed pulp.


Post time: Jan-23-2024