Drum microfilter

The drum microfilter, also known as the fully automatic drum microfilter, is a rotary drum screen filtration device, mostly used as mechanical equipment for solid-liquid separation in the early stage of sewage treatment systems.

A microfilter is a mechanical filtration device consisting of main components such as a transmission device, overflow weir water distributor, and flushing water device. The filter structure and working principle are made of stainless steel wire mesh.

Features of drum microfilter equipment:

Simple structure, stable operation, convenient maintenance, long usage time, high filtration capacity, and high efficiency; Small footprint, low cost, low speed operation, automatic protection, easy installation, water and electricity conservation; Fully automatic and continuous operation, without the need for dedicated personnel to monitor, with a recycled fiber concentration of over 12%.

Working principle

The treated water enters the overflow weir water distributor from the water pipe outlet, and after a brief stable flow, it evenly overflows from the outlet and is distributed on the opposite rotating filter screen of the filter cartridge. The water flow and the inner wall of the filter cartridge generate relative shear motion, resulting in high water flow efficiency and the separation of solids. Roll along the spiral guide plate inside the cylinder and discharge from the other end of the filter cylinder. The wastewater filtered out from the filter is guided by the protective covers on both sides of the filter cartridge and flows away from the outlet tank directly below. The filter cartridge of this machine is equipped with a flushing water pipe, which is sprayed with pressure water (3kg/cm2) in a fan-shaped manner to flush and clear the filter screen, ensuring that the filter screen always maintains good filtration capacity.

Equipment characteristics

1. Durable: The filter screen is made of 316L stainless steel, with strong anti-corrosion performance and long service life.

2. Good filtration performance: The stainless steel filter screen of this equipment has the characteristics of small pore size, low resistance, and strong water passing ability, and has high filtration ability for suspended solids.

3. High degree of automation: This device has an automatic self-cleaning function, which can ensure the normal operation of the device on its own.

4. Low energy consumption, high efficiency, and easy operation and maintenance.

5. Exquisite structure and small footprint.

Equipment Use:

1. Suitable for solid-liquid separation in the early stage of sewage treatment systems.

2. Suitable for the treatment of solid-liquid separation in the early stage of industrial circulating water treatment systems.

3. Suitable for industrial and major aquaculture wastewater treatment processes.

4. Widely used in various occasions that require solid-liquid separation.

5. Specialized microfiltration equipment for industrial aquaculture.


Post time: Oct-16-2023