High pressure belt filter press

High pressure belt filter press (1)

 The high-pressure belt filter press is the latest generation of dehydration equipment developed and produced by our company on the basis of traditional belt filter presses. The high-pressure belt filter press has high dehydration performance, and the main dehydration pressure roller adopts a perforated design, which not only increases the processing capacity but also allows sludge to be dehydrated on both sides simultaneously. The two sides of the filter belt quickly dehydrate during the filtration process, shortening the dehydration time, The arrangement of smaller pressure rollers and changes in the contact angle of the filter belt ensure a good combination of pressure and shear force, thereby greatly improving the solid content and dehydration efficiency of the mud cake。

The tension of the filter belt of the high-pressure belt filter press is achieved through an inflatable cylinder, which maintains a constant tension throughout the entire filter belt and does not cause changes in tension due to changes in feed volume, making it easy to operate and manage. The filter press has an air pressure control system that automatically detects the position of the filter belt on the pressure roller and automatically corrects deviation. For the wide belt filter press, it is also equipped with an automatic sludge feeding device to ensure that sludge enters the filter belt evenly, Thereby improving filtration efficiency and extending the lifespan of filter belts

Advantages of high-pressure belt filter dewatering machine:

(1)Energy saving and water-saving: Due to the continuous displacement of the dynamic and static rings, the self-cleaning effect inside the cylinder can be achieved, achieving the goal of preventing clogging of the filtering gap, replacing the high-pressure cleaning of the old generation filter cloth and belt filter cloth, greatly saving industrial water. The main spiral shaft operates at low speed, reducing mechanical wear of the equipment and extending its service life.

(2)The new separation technology of sludge dewatering machine adopts an organic combination of spiral pressure and dynamic and static rings, forming a new generation of concentration and dehydration integrated separation technology, adding an advanced dehydration mode choice to the field of environmental protection sewage treatment in China.

(3)Large processing capacity: With the continuous updates of sewage treatment technology, the processing capacity of sewage treatment equipment is now stronger, and it can be matched with the design of sludge deep dehydration process.

High pressure belt filter press (2) High pressure belt filter press (3)

Post time: Sep-04-2023