High Quality Rotary Drum Micro Filter Micro-filtraton Machine


Microfilter is a purification device that uses 80~200 mesh / square inch microporous screen fixed on the drum type filtering equipment to intercept solid particles in sewage water to realize solid-liquid separation.

At the same time of filtration, the microporous screen can be cleaned in time through the rotation of the rotating drum and the force of backwashing water. Keep the equipment in good working condition. Through the separation of solid wastes in sewage, the rotating drum grille can purify the water body and achieve the purpose of recycling.


Product advantages

1. The equipment has small head loss, energy saving and high efficiency.

2. Exquisite structure and small floor area

3. Automatic backwashing device, stable operation and convenient management.

4. The application of stainless steel and advanced corrosion-resistant materials enhances the corrosion resistance.

Post time: Jun-27-2022