Advantages of Dissolved Air Floatation Machine


Dissolved air flotation equipment is a widely used wastewater treatment equipment at present. Currently, society is developing rapidly, industrial production is developing rapidly, and water environment problems are becoming increasingly severe. The discharge of wastewater is a serious threat to everyone's quality of life, and improving living conditions and wastewater treatment is urgent. The effectiveness of dissolved air flotation machine can effectively remove suspended solids in water and purify water resources. So what are the design advantages of dissolved air flotation machines reflected in?

Dissolved air flotation machine is a water treatment equipment that utilizes the principle of buoyancy to float on the water surface, thereby achieving solid-liquid separation.


Advantages of dissolved air flotation machine:

1. The pressure capacity curve is flat, and the air flotation machine adopts fully automatic control. The equipment occupies a small area and rarely requires repair, so the investment and operation costs are relatively low.

2. The air flotation machine operates at low pressure, with energy-saving and low noise. The dissolved gas power is as high as about 99%, and the release rate is as high as about 99%.

3. The equipment structure is simple, and the sewage treatment process adopts a fully automatic control system, which is easy to use and maintain.

4. It can eliminate the expansion of sludge.

5. Aeration into the water during air flotation has a significant effect on removing surfactants and odors from the water. At the same time, aeration increases the dissolved oxygen in the water, providing favorable conditions for subsequent treatment.

6. The dissolved air flotation machine is a device that can remove solid suspended solids, grease, and various colloidal substances from various industrial and municipal wastewater.

7. The dissolved air flotation machine is widely used for the treatment of industrial wastewater and municipal wastewater in oil refining, chemical industry, brewing production and smelting, slaughtering, electroplating, printing and dyeing, etc.


Post time: Jul-28-2023