Ceramic vacuum filter equipment

Recently, a large mining company in China ordered our company’s ceramic vacuum filter equipment, which has met the factory standards and successfully completed delivery.

The CF series ceramic vacuum filter series products developed by our company are a new product that integrates high-tech technologies such as mechatronics, ceramic microporous filter plates, automation control, and ultrasonic cleaning. As a new substitute product for solid-state separation equipment, its birth is a revolution in the field of solid-liquid separation. As is well known, traditional vacuum filters have high energy consumption, high operating costs, high cake moisture, low work efficiency, low automation, high failure rate, heavy maintenance workload, and high filter cloth consumption. CF series ceramic vacuum filter has changed the traditional filtering method, with unique design, compact structure, advanced indicators, excellent performance, significant economic and social benefits, and can be widely used in non-ferrous, metallurgical, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, environmental protection, Fossil fuel power station, coal treatment, sewage treatment and other industries.

Working principle

1.At the beginning of work, the filter plate immersed in the slurry tank forms a thick layer of particle accumulation on the surface of the filter plate under the action of vacuum. The filtrate is filtered through the filter plate to the distribution head, thereby reaching the vacuum barrel.

2.After the filter cake is dried, it is scraped off by a scraper in the discharge area and flows directly to the fine sand tank, or transported to the desired location through a belt.

3.After unloading, the filter plate finally enters the backwash area, and the filtered water enters the filter plate through the distribution head. After backwashing, the particles blocked in the micropores are backwashed, completing the filtration operation cycle of rotating one image.

4.Ultrasonic cleaning: The filter medium undergoes a certain period of cyclic operation, usually lasting 8 to 12 hours. In order to ensure smooth micropores in the filter plate, ultrasonic cleaning and chemical cleaning are combined, usually lasting 45 to 60 minutes. This allows some solid substances that have not been backwashed off and attached to the filter plate to completely detach from the filter medium, ensuring high efficiency when the equipment is restarted.

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Ceramic vacuum filter equipment

Post time: Aug-05-2023