Fully-Automatic Waste Water Treatment Plant Sludge Dewatering Screw Filter Press Mobile Sludge Dewatering System

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Mobile portable wastewater treatment plant is a movable vehicle type sludge dewatering complete system which is easy to move.
It can be of service for different sewage treatment sites in different places.
The unit is mainly composed of screw type dehydrator, integrated polymer preparation unit, polymer feed pump, sludge pump and sludge conveyor.

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HGL activated carbon filter mainly uses the strong adsorption performance of activated carbon to remove impurities in water and purify water. Its adsorption capacity is mainly reflected in the following aspects: it can adsorb organic matter, colloidal particles and microorganisms in water.

It can adsorb non-metallic substances such as chlorine, ammonia, bromine and iodine.

It can adsorb metal ions, such as silver, arsenic, bismuth, cobalt, hexavalent chromium, mercury, antimony and tin plasma. It can effectively remove chromaticity and odor.



It can be moved to the site and used to dewater the sludge from the sludge lagoon of wastewater treatment factory during operation. The first step is to open the polymer preparation unit to mix the polymer completely. Then the sludge will be pumped by sludge pump from the sludge tank to the mixing& flocculation tank of the screw press, in which the sludge is mixed with the flocculant fed by the dosing pump. Then flocculated sludge flows into the main body of volute screw press to be dewatered. After dewatering, the sludge cake is transported by the screw conveyor, and the filtrate will return to the sewage treatment system for being processed again.


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The sludge dewatering machine is suitable for various environments, including municipal sewage treatment plants, industrial wastewater treatment plants, food breeding, leather textile, petrochemical, river and lake water environments. Stacking screw machine is an equipment with compact design, low energy consumption, low operation, high energy saving, high technological content, easy maintenance and replacement, small weight, and easy handling


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