High consistency waste paper recycling pulper /Paper pulp equipment

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    High concentration hydraulic pulp crusher is mainly used for the crushing and decomposition of waste paper, playing a role in the crushing and decomposition of waste paper during the pulp making process.

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Working principle: Start the motor, the impeller starts to rotate, and the slurry in the groove is sucked in along the axis and thrown out at high speed from the circumference, forming a violent turbulent circulation. Due to the tearing of the impeller blades and the interaction between the slurry layers at different speeds, a significant frictional effect is generated, resulting in strong dispersion and separation of fibers in the slurry under humid conditions. At the same time, the fiber bundles also rub against each other in the gap between the impeller and the screen, increasing the effect of fibrosis.

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Hydraulic pulp crusher is one of the most commonly used pulp crushing equipment in the pulp and paper industry, mainly crushing pulp boards, waste books, waste cardboard boxes, etc

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