Containerized sewage treatment plant for sewage treatment

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The integrated sewage treatment equipment adopts advanced biological treatment technology. Based on the operating experience of domestic sewage treatment equipment, an integrated organic wastewater treatment device is designed, which integrates the removal of BOD5, COD, and NH3-N. It has stable and reliable technical performance, good treatment effect, low investment, automated operation, and convenient maintenance and operation

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With the acceleration of urbanization and the development of industrialization, sewage treatment has become an important environmental protection work. However, traditional sewage treatment equipment often has problems such as low efficiency, large footprint, and high operating costs, which have a serious impact on the environment. To address these issues, we have launched a new MBR membrane integrated sewage treatment equipment aimed at improving the efficiency of sewage treatment and reducing environmental pollution.


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The MBR membrane integrated sewage treatment equipment adopts membrane bioreactor (MBR) technology, which organically combines traditional biological sewage treatment processes and membrane separation technology, forming a new type of sewage treatment equipment. The core part is composed of specially designed membrane components, which have excellent filtration effect and corrosion resistance, and can effectively remove harmful substances such as suspended solids, particles, and bacteria in wastewater, ensuring the cleanliness and transparency of the effluent.

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