ZYW Series Horizontal Flow Type Dissolved Air Flotation Machine

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Air flotation machine is a water treatment equipment that generates a large number of micro bubbles in the water by a dissolved gas system, causing air to adhere to suspended particles in the form of highly dispersed micro bubbles, resulting in a density lower than water. It uses the principle of buoyancy to float on the water surface, thereby achieving solid-liquid separation.

1. Large processing capacity, high efficiency and less land occupation.
2. The process and equipment structure are simple and easy to use and maintain.
3. It can eliminate sludge bulking.
4. Aeration to water during air flotation has obvious effect on removing surfactant and odor in water. At the same time, aeration increases dissolved oxygen in water, providing favorable conditions for subsequent treatment.

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Fenton oxidation method is to generate hydroxyl radical (· oh) with strong oxidation ability in the presence of Fe2 + under acidic conditions, and trigger more other reactive oxygen species to realize the degradation of organic compounds. Its oxidation process is a chain reaction. The generation of · Oh is the beginning of the chain, while other reactive oxygen species and reaction intermediates constitute the nodes of the chain. Each reactive oxygen species are consumed and the reaction chain is terminated. The reaction mechanism is complex. These reactive oxygen species are only used for organic molecules and mineralize them into inorganic substances such as CO2 and H2O. Thus, Fenton oxidation has become one of the important advanced oxidation technologies.



Dissolved air flotation technology is widely used in water supply and drainage and wastewater treatment in recent years. It can effectively remove the light flocs that are difficult to precipitate in wastewater. Large processing capacity, high efficiency, less land occupation and wide application range. It is widely used in sewage treatment of petroleum, chemical industry, printing and dyeing, papermaking, oil refining, leather, steel, mechanical processing, starch, food and so on.

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