Portable Package Integrated sewage treatment equipment/ domestic sewage treatment system

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     Integrated sewage treatment equipment is a comprehensive sewage treatment system that integrates multiple treatment methods such as biology, chemistry, and physics. Efficient purification of wastewater is achieved through multiple processes such as pretreatment, biological treatment, and post-treatment. This type of equipment has the advantages of small footprint, high treatment efficiency, energy conservation and environmental protection, and is widely used in the treatment of domestic sewage and some industrial wastewater in residential communities, schools, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, and other areas.

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Integrated sewage treatment equipment can be customized according to the inlet and outlet requirements, and different forms of process combinations can be selected. The main structure consists of a box body, partitions, maintenance manholes, piping systems, aeration systems, reflux sludge pumps, residual sludge pumps, aeration blowers, fillers, filter media, membrane components, disinfection devices, fully automatic control systems, etc.



Integrated sewage treatment equipment is suitable for the following places:

Residential areas: Domestic sewage in residential areas needs to be treated, and buried sewage treatment equipment can effectively solve this problem without occupying ground space and affecting environmental aesthetics.

Restaurants, hotels, sanatoriums, schools, etc.: The wastewater generated in these places contains high levels of organic matter and nutrients. Buried sewage treatment equipment can effectively remove pollutants and reduce environmental burden.

Small food factories, dairy factories, grain and oil processing factories, slaughterhouses, breweries, pharmaceutical factories, etc.: The sewage generated by these industrial sites is related to domestic sewage, and buried sewage treatment equipment can treat these industrial organic sewage to protect the environment

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