ZBG Type Peripheral Transmission Mud Scraper

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Working Principle

ZBG type peripheral drive mud scraper and suction machine mainly includes main beam (truss beam or folded plate beam), overflow weir, transmission device, flow stabilizing cylinder, central mud tank, mud discharge tank, scraper, mud suction device, Scum Collection and removal facilities and power transmission device.

The water to be treated enters from the water inlet pipe of the central cylinder, flows steadily into the sedimentation tank through the flow stabilizing cylinder, and then diffuses around for sedimentation. The clean water flows out of the overflow weir at the side of the tank, and the sediment is scraped and collected by the mud scraper

To the sludge suction port, according to the principle of connecting pipe, the sludge at the bottom of the tank is sucked into the sludge discharge tank by using the water level difference; It enters the central cylinder through the siphon and is discharged through the sludge discharge pipe. At the same time, the scum in the tank is collected by the scum scraper and discharged out of the tank through the slag bucket.



Large processing capacity can save floor area.

The equipment scrapes mud, sucks mud and scrapes scum at the same time, with less energy consumption and about 50% power saving compared with the equipment of the same specification. Scraping sludge while moving, the discharged activated sludge has high concentration and good sludge discharge effect.

The scraper suction port has the advantages of simple structure, not easy to be blocked, safe and reliable operation and convenient maintenance. Strong applicability and easy to realize full-automatic control.

Technique Parameter



Deep pool ( m) 

Peripheral speed(m/min)


ZBG- 2 0

2 0


1 . 6

0. 3 2 x

ZBG- 2 5

2 5

1 . 7

ZBG- 3 0

3 0

1 . 8

0. 55x2

ZBG- 3 7

3 7

2 . 0

ZBG- 4 5

4 5

2. 2

0. 75x2

ZBG- 5 5

5 5

2 . 4

ZBG- 6 0

6 0

2. 6


ZBG- 8 0

8 0

2 . 7

ZBG- 1 00

1 0 0

2 . 8


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